How to get TwitFaced!

With four nights to go until the tenth and best instalment yet of TwitFaced I thought it might help some first time attendees if I provided a few simple pointers on how to make the most of the evening.


1. Check who’s going

There is a public listing of all #TwitFaced attendees on the Eventbrite page. (You might have to look at the desktop version mind & Eventbrite has recently elected to hide surnames) Yes, that’s a lot of names to browse through but perhaps worth a quick look beforehand. Might be someone there you’ve tweeted with before but haven’t met in real life? Say hello and pre-meditate meeting up.

“@AlanPartridge Hey Al, see you are at TwitFaced on Friday… must get you a drink for that recommendation! See you there mate.”


2. Invite someone who isn’t.

The founding inspiration behind TwitFaced was a genuine desire to meet the actual people behind so many fabulous Twitter profiles. In our experience, this is a positive interaction far more often than not. Every event, this still happens.

If you’ve been tweeting with someone for weeks, months or even years, yet have never met, invite them to TwitFaced and take the ‘Tweet to a Meet’.

We’ve seen so many amazing personal and business relationships develop as a consequence. You want to harness the real power of social media? This is it right here.

“@PaulineCalf Alright Pauline, what are you doing Friday? I’m off to that TwitFaced at Lock 91, fancy it? Be good to meet up after all this time.”


3. Pace yourself

We appreciate there is a certain hype surrounding TwitFaced. At times in the run up to the event itself, it feels like Manchester is ready to explode through it’s desire to get TwitFaced and party hard. We’re not entirely detached from this hype and clearly part of our DNA is to continue Manchester’s great history of ‘work hard, play harder’. From Ben Lang’s Music Hall in Victorian times right through to the Hacienda, the people of this great city have seen tough midweek times yet always found a release at the weekend. Though we don’t quite encounter the same hardship faced by Victorian mill workers we continue that weekend tradition.

But have a responsibility.

So it’s best you get something decent to eat beforehand and a pint or two of water throughout the evening will also help post-TwitFaced hangover recovery. The team is also here to make sure you get home safely. Please do not hesitate to grab one of our team if you are either feeling over-indulged or are worried about getting home. Do NOT leave TwitFaced drunk alone, we are more than happy to arrange and sub a taxi home if need be. PS. It’s also a good idea to ensure you come out with a fully charged phone.


4. Get involved

We appreciate that TwitFaced isn’t for everyone. Generally speaking, it works well for most genuine people who behave in real life as they do online and enjoy meeting others. If you turn up on your own or in a group, order some drinks and then go and hide in a corner all night, it’s unlikely TwitFaced will really work for you. Hopefully you’ll still have a good night but there’ll be something missing.

Avoid this, by following the first two tips above. But failing that, let us know if you want an introduction to someone who we think might be a good match, especially if you plan to come on your own – plenty have done so! We’ve helped people like this at every event so far and take pride in our fantastic audience that there’s always someone on hand to help a new attendee feel welcome.

By the final days of the Hacienda and the Stretford End, these two great Mancunian institutions were pale shadows of their great former selves. Why? Because people expected to turn up and be entertained. The moaning fan stood there in silence wondering why the atmosphere was so poor. YOU are part of the entertainment. We need YOU to say hello. We need YOU to play a game. We need YOU to dance. Get involved and really understand what getting TwitFaced is all about.


5. Share the experience

To be honest, most of you do this already anyway. We’re truly humbled by some of the positive feedback we’ve received thus far and the gradual outburst of social commentary on the Saturday after each and every event has I suppose been what makes all the effort worth it.

If you’ve not had an amazing time, please also let us know. We aren’t perfect and make mistakes but need to know what isn’t right to put it so. Ideally, we’d deal with this more privately but we respect the social space and can’t have it both ways now can we!


6. Follow up

After the night, there’ll be many, many memories. Some will be hazy recollections of conversations or dance moves. Others will be embarrassing photographs doing the rounds long before you’ve crawled out of your duvet.

TwitFaced is just the beginning, the ice-breaker. Use the following weeks and months to follow up with a coffee or a more relaxed drink after work. Even if you missed the chance to catch up in the crowd, make sure you follow up and extract maximum value from the evening. Lots of fun yes, but there is a clear rationale to connect people in as relaxed a format as possible. Milk it.

“@DavidBeckham Gutted I missed you on Friday fella, fancy a brew next week instead or are you going to that exhibition?”

Really hope these tips add some value and offer some insight into the world of TwitFaced. Hopefully, I’ll see you at Lock 91 on Friday night where the party starts at 18:30 and is expected to go on till late.

Thanks MDP

TwitFaced 10 takes place at Lock 91 in Manchester City Centre on Friday 12 December. There are still a handful of tickets left priced £11 (excluding Eventbrite fees) available here.

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